Discovery Days – 2024


Discovery Days are back again at MVM this summer! Curious kids are invited to investigate, create, play, and learn together on our beautiful Vineyard Haven campus. Changing weekly themes, explored in new and exciting ways, means each day offers something different to stimulate growing minds. Museum educators will lead children on learning journeys that combine summer fun and critical thinking, enhanced by each child’s curiosity and interests. 

How do lighthouses actually work? Where have all the whales gone? What creature made this fossil? Together, we’ll search for all the answers at Discovery Days! Classes include exhibit exploration, hands-on investigations of artifacts, and a variety of crafts and games. 

MVM Members: $200; Non-Members: $250 per child per four-day session.


When do sessions run? Sessions run Tuesday through Friday, 9:00am to 12:00pm.

Can I sign my child up for multiple sessions? Yes! Each week’s theme is different so children are more than welcome to attend as many weeks as you’d like.

What age children can attend Discovery Days? Sessions are designed for children ages 5-12, with age-appropriate variations within each weekly theme.

What policies does MVM have for Discovery Days? You can read our policies by clicking here.

What is the cancelation policy? Please see our cancellation policies in the Discovery Days Handbook

I have more questions, who do I contact? You can email MVM’s education manager, Becky Nutton, at or 508.627.4441 x. 118


Lighthouses, July 9-12

With the giant Fresnel lens as our inspiration, children will investigate how lighthouses really work and why they are so important to our Island. Story-telling, science experiments, and engineering projects will help to make their learning journey fun and tangible. 

Whales, July 16-19

Whale week will help bring these massive, majestic creatures to life. Puzzles, investigations, and crafts will help children realize how much we have in common with these endangered creatures, and just how important they are to our everyday lives.

Maps, July 23-26SESSION FULL

Maps have so much to tell us, and this week is all about investigating their stories! With maps to guide us, we’ll step way back in time to learn about early navigational tools used by ancient people and the power of map-making throughout time. Our skills will be tested by scavenger hunts and creative crafts!

Extinction, July 30 – August 2

Extinction week allows children to get up close and personal with some fantastic clues of long-lost creatures. We will dig for clues, investigate fossils, and craft habitats to learn more about some of the unbelievable creatures that walked the earth millions of years ago. 

History, August 6-9

Who writes the history books? What is happening today that we will want to remember tomorrow? Through diaries, logbooks, deeds, and historical artifacts, we will learn to “read” the stories of the past and help record the next chapter! Creative storytelling, art, and performance are all a part of bringing history to life!