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Martha's Vineyard Museum in the news

Summer 2017:

"Museum's Opening Party Features 'Local Immigrant' Project" 6/14/17 Martha's Vineyard Times

"A Walking Tour of Oak Bluffs" 6/8/17 Transom

"The Vineyard View: Chief Curator Bonnie Stacy" 6/7/17 MVTV


Spring 2017:

"MV Museum Breaks Ground On New Location" 5/29/17 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Museum Breaks Ground On $24 Million Expansion" 5/28/17 Vineyard Gazette

"Martha's Vineyard Museum Wins State Grant, Groundbreaking Planned" 5/19/17 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Stormy Past Equals Fertile Ground for Vineyard Shipwrecks Exhibit" 5/16/17 Vineyard Gazette

"MVC Approves Museum Plan" 5/8/17 Vineyard Gazette

"Lost At Sea: The MV Museum Exhibits Our Dramatic History Of Shipwrecks" 5/4/17 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Heath Hens Now Appearing At The MV Museum" 4/19/17 Martha's Vineyard Times

"MVC Concludes Public Hearings On MV Museum" 4/12/17 Martha's Vineyard Times


Fall 2016/Winter 2017:

"Hearing Begins on Museum Plan for New Vineyard Haven Campus" 3/11/17 Vineyard Gazette

"MVC Opens Public Hearings on Martha's Vineyard Museum" 3/11/17 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Business Brief: Feiner Real Estate Presents Check to MV Museum" 3/1/17 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Lost and Found Exhibit Traces the History of Iconic Island Structures" 2/13/17 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Museum Explores Island's Past and Present" 2/13/17 Vineyard Gazette

"Weathervane Exhibit Shows the Winds of Time on Martha's Vineyard" 1/31/17 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Windblown: Weathervanes Endure as Folk Art Tradition" 1/30/17 Vineyard Gazette

"Aquinnah Selectmen Renew Lighthouse Tour Contract with Martha's Vineyard Museum" 12/21/16 Martha's Vineyard Times

"The Museum Makes its Big Move" 11/10/16 Martha's Vineyard Magazine

"The Last Artists' Marine Hospital Tour" 11/2/16 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Through a Lens Brightly: How to Move a Lighthouse" 10/4/16 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Memories Shine on at Ceremony of Remembrance" 9/26/16 Vineyard Gazette

"Connecting the Vineyard to the Arctic, Whaling Family Tree is Familiar" 9/22/16 Vineyard Gazette

"Museum Receives Grant to Move Historic Fresnel Lens" 9/21/16 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Museum Receives Grant for Fresnel Lens Relocation" 9/20/16 Vineyard Gazette

"Museum Hosts 15th Annual Ceremony of Remembrance" 9/20/16 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Tenth Annual Art Party Brings Artists Together to Support Museum" 9/7/16 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Museum Elects New Board Chairman" 9/7/16 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Ninth Annual Sisters and Friends Getaway to Martha's Vineyard" 9/6/16 Martha's Vineyard Times


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