History in the Making – Question Prompts

We encourage you to share anything related to this unique time with us, but if you’re looking for specific ideas, we’ve included a list of questions below to get you thinking. Maybe you keep a journal, can record a short video, or interview someone in your house. Please follow social distancing rules when generating content.


Cronig’s Market. Photo by Dan Waters.


How are you and your family spending your days?

What are the challenges? And how are you coping with them?

Have you learned new things about your family?

What are you preparing for meals?

What have you been missing most?

What have you found or re-discovered from your life that brings you joy?

What is especially frustrating?

What do you hope for?

How have your pets and animals helped you through this time?

What do you fear?

What has been positive about this time?

On the Vineyard we are so lucky with the beauty of nature around us. Have you been able to go outside and explore it?


Prompts Particularly for Kids:

If you are a student right now, what is it like to learn from home compared to learning at school? What new learning tools have you started to use?

What do you miss most about your school?