Genealogy Services

The Museum’s archival collection includes deeds, scrapbooks, newspapers, maps, and many photographs. We have Bible records, marriage certificates, Baptismal records, diaries, letters and more. Our library includes published vital records for almost every town in Massachusetts.

Special sources for Island ancestry found at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum include:

  • The Roy Norton Card File of Island families
  • Transcripts of gravestones and other records for Island cemeteries
  • Census records for the Island (Dukes County)
  • Published Island Genealogies:
    • The Luce Genealogy by Martha McCourt (in five large volumes)
    • Jackson Family by Herb Ward
    • Baptiste Family by Kathryn Stewart
  • Published Indexes:
    • Deaths in Tisbury 1850-1875 by Chris Baer, annotated.
    • Deaths in the Vineyard Gazette 1850-1875 by C. Baer
    • Index to marriages and deaths in the Vineyard Gazette from 1884 to 1939 (partially indexed by Chris Baer from data of Kathryn Stewart)
    • Every Name Index by Richard & Norma Hagen and by Catherine Mayhew
  • Other collections:
    • Harriet M. Pease material on various Island families
    • Wills and abstracts of wills
    • Obituaries for Island natives as well as visitors and family records
    • Data found on local Native American families
    • Portuguese American families on Martha’s Vineyard
    • 110 whaling captains of Edgartown
    • Results of research done on specific families

The Museum’s genealogist will do Island research for a donation of $35 per hour ($50 per hour for off-site research) plus copies and mailing costs. Museum members receive the first hour of research free. Please email¬†Catherine Mayhew¬†for more information.