Health/Safety Protocols at MVM

The health and safety of our visitors, volunteers, and staff is always our top priority. Although we have eased some of our restrictions in light of CDC, state, and local recommendations, we remain committed to keeping everyone safe and feeling comfortable visiting. Please practice social distancing and use the various hand sanitizer stations still setup across the campus whenever possible.


As of May 29, 2021, masks will no longer be mandatory on the MVM campus. This being said, the campus, both inside and out, is mask friendly. We urge those who are not vaccinated, including children, to continue wearing masks. Many staff members, while fully vaccinated, are also opting to continue wearing their masks and practice social distancing. We encourage visitors and members to do whatever makes them feel most comfortable. If you’re visiting and wish to interact with a staff member not wearing a mask, don’t hesitate to ask that he/she put one on. Please be respectful and kind to everyone regardless of their mask preference.

Contact Tracing

We are not currently collecting contact tracing information for admission into the Museum, however, we are still collecting it for many programs and events. This information is not shared with anyone other than the Tisbury Board of Health, and only when requested following the identification of a positive case of COVID-19.


We are currently not offering tours at this time. Please check back soon.

Campus Use

If you wish to picnic on our lawn, come up and read a book, or just take in our gorgeous view, please maintain social distancing. If you create trash, please make sure to place any trash and recyclables in the receptacles placed around the campus. You are welcome to enjoy the lawn outside of our open hours. Please refrain from visiting between sunset and sunrise. If you wish to check on the current activity on the front lawn before coming up, you can look at the Wortman Webcam at any time.


A task force related to COVID-19 was formed that continues to meet. If at any time you have suggestions on how to improve the health and safety beyond the measures already implemented, please email

Thanks for your Support

These times have been very challenging for everyone, but your support and generosity has meant so much. Please be patient and please be kind as we innovate, and create a new normal. We will constantly monitor how visitors use the property and adjust accordingly. The most up to date information will always be available here on our website.