Upcoming Exhibitions

Now: Art in Times of the Coronavirus
August 6th, 2020 through August 31st, 2020

NOW!  is an artistic installation about where we are as human beings, now that we have been hit by a global pandemic and are feeling its impact. Our lives have radically changed, and where we go from here is up to us moving forward.

Tune In is a multi-dimensional diorama designed by Rick Lazes and fabricated by the artists at the Art Factory with the goal of encouraging the viewer to question how we understand and experience our history, reality, social equality, and personal relationships with each other and media technology.  Six vintage TV screens make up the Tune In installation within which a collage of video content is displayed that has been mined from hundreds of hours of TV programs from the 60’s when television brought us together as families. Tune In seeks to start a conversation around the television again. Have we “tuned out” to the intimacies of personal interaction as a result of our preoccupation with an alternative digital reality? Perhaps it is time to tune out the distraction of the static emanating from the internet and social media. Have we become isolated from our neighbors and is it time to turn back to our core values and to reconnect with our families, friends, and neighbors to create a society that is more inclusive?

The second diorama, Choice, is by artist Paul Lazes and is about our future. Here, Paul is looking at  our future, represented by synthetic mannequins in the “Garden of Eden”  illustrated by a photo mural of the Tashmoo Overlook – our own backyard.  Like it or not, we are becoming “synthetic:” our body parts are replicable – all information is at our fingertips. There is always the potential the Garden of Eden is where we are, not somewhere else. What is our future? Is it something to fear?

Both Paul and Rick are entrepreneurs, artists and musicians.  Rick lives in Charlotte, NC and Paul has been living on the Vineyard since 2000. Rick Lazes sculpts in various mediums including marble, wood, plaster, aluminum, steel, and glass, often building his own custom machinery for his novel processes. His most recent series, Paper Dolls is currently on display at the Cornell Art Museum. Rick is represented by art galleries in Charlotte, Atlanta, New York, Dallas, Greenwich and Berlin. Paul has shown, for several years, at the A-Gallery in Martha’s Vineyard. You can see a group of Paul’s photographs in the MV Hospital where there are 43 life size photos of “Tough Chick on the Vineyard” a piece comprised of nearly 100 entrepreneurial women here on the Island. NOW! is the first collaborative work the two have done in several years.