Life in Reverse: The Remarkable World of Richard Lee

From the uninhibited subconscious of Richard Lee (1933-2012) evolved an engaging, original, and irreverent universe: one filled with reccurring anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures, cherubs and rose-headed babies, magicians and mystics, winged genitalia and androgynous teacups – to name a few of the delightful and mysterious characters he reverse-painted onto glass panes. A world traveler who found his way to the Island in the 1970s, Richard quickly became a beloved West Tisbury figure – from his early days as proprietor of the Dessert Gallerie to the warm and welcoming “Sunday Soirees” held at his Chicamoo Gallery.

This immersive exhibition will take visitors on a journey into Richard’s world and through his decades-long career, exploring the themes that wove through his work into a narrative that continues to amuse, inspire, and mystify.