Calder Martin – Welcome to Shredberg

Calder Martin is an artist and musician who moved from New York City to Martha’s Vineyard in 2007, where he teaches mathematics at The Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School. Martin is a lifelong skateboarder, and has photographed both his personal experiences and those of other skaters on the Island using pocket-sized, point-and-shoot cameras, both 35mm and digital. In Welcome to Shredberg, Martin captures the Island’s skateboarders in a series of three-dimensional, geometrical collages, each representing a different year.

I chose a 4X6 format for it’s accessibility, affordability, and ease of color balance adjustment.  The use of triangles as a frame is something that connects to my affinity for geometry, and I use it as a mechanism for design.  I have often used particular shapes as a constraining element because I am enthralled by patterns, both mathematically and visually.  As with rugs and weavings that tell stories, these collages use a geometric algorithm to provide structures that contain memories.” –Calder Martin

Photo by Adam Rebello