Interim Executive Director and Director of Advancement: Heather Seger
Community Relations, Strategic Planning, Board Stewardship, Strategic Financial Oversight, Major Donor Cultivation and Stewardship, Planned Giving, Annual Fund, Grants, Membership.
Tel: 508.627.4441 x121

Director of Finance and Administration: Carol Carroll
Budget, Financial Statements, Payroll & Benefits, Audit.
Tel: 508.627.4441 x129

Director of Operations and Business Development: Katy Fuller
Marketing, Public Relations, Special Events, External Relations, Museum Private Rentals, Visitor Experience, Board Support, Sheldon Hackney Fellows Program (Internships).
Tel: 508.627.4441 x123

Chief Curator: Bonnie Stacy
Collections, Collection Management, Program Grants, Donations to the Collection, Publications.
Tel: 508.627.4441 x111

Finance Administrator: Betsey Mayhew
Financial Transactions, Payroll & Benefits.
Tel: 508.627.4441 x112

Visitor Services Coordinator: Khalid Jackson
Front Desk and Gift Shop Staffing and Scheduling, Visitor Services Oversight.
Tel: 508.627.4441 x110

Facilities Manager: Adam Smith
Facilities, Maintenance/Upkeep, Landscaping Liaison, Vendor Coordination, Capital Facility Planning, Security, Exhibit Changeover.
Tel: 508.627.4441 x117

Programming and Events Coordinator: Savannah Berryman-Moore
Event and Program Logistics, Property Rental Support, Lighthouse Rentals, Edgartown Lighthouse Children's Memorial, Catboat VANITY.
Tel: 508.627.4441 x127

Research Librarian: Bow Van Riper
Research, Archives, Digitization Support, MVM Quarterly Editor (formerly the Dukes County Intelligencer).
Tel: 508.627.4441 x115

Manager of Exhibitions and Programming: Anna Barber (Carringer)
Exhibits, Exhibit Planning, Program Planning, Program Outreach.
Tel: 508.627.4441 x114

Exhibitions Assistant: Kate Logue
Exhibits, Exhibit Planning.
Tel: 508.627.4441 x120

Museum Teacher: Ann DuCharme
Family and School Outreach, Docent Training.
Tel: 508.627.4441 x118

Oral History Curator: Linsey Lee
Oral History, Oral History Collections.
Tel: 508.627.4441 x113

Oral History Assistant: Laura Noonan
Oral History Collections, Audio and Video Editing.
Tel: 508.627.4441 x124

Museum Shop Direct Line: 508.627.4441 x107

First Light Cafe Direct Line: 508.627.4441 x108

Genealogist: Catherine Mayhew
Vineyard Gnealogy, Vital Records, Research Queries.
Tel: 508.627.4441 x115