Martha’s Vineyard Medal

Martha’s Vineyard Medal

Since 1923 the Martha’s Vineyard Museum has been the “safety deposit box” for the images, stories, objects and voices of Martha’s Vineyard. The stories we tell are thorough and vivid because our collection is acquired from people who relish their connection to the Vineyard and trust we will preserve it for generations. The culture and lifestyle on the Vineyard is unlike most communities due to the natural beauty, commitment to preservation, and historical richness.

As the premier storyteller of the history, arts, and culture of Martha’s Vineyard, the Martha’s Vineyard Museum introduced the Martha’s Vineyard Medal in 2009. The Medal is awarded annually to leaders in the community to recognize their outstanding commitment to preserving the history, arts, and culture of Martha’s Vineyard.

Criteria for the Medal includes demonstrated leadership on Martha’s Vineyard in one or more of the following areas:

  • Historic preservation
  • Fine and performing arts
  • Literature
  • Community activism
  • Education

Past Winners

  • 2019 Recipients:
  • Allison Burger, Mary Beth Grady, and Chilmark Chocolates
  • Elaine Cawley-Weintraub
  • Allen and Lynne Whiting
  • 2018 Recipients:
  • Ann Smith
  • Rose Styron
  • Denys Wortman
  • 2017 Recipients:
  • Kate Hancock
  • James B. Richardson, III
  • S. Christopher Scott
  • 2016 Recipients:
  • Len Butler
  • Robert S. Douglas
  • Catherine (Kay) Mayhew
  • 2015 Recipients:
  • Pat Gregory
  • Patricia Morgan
  • Cynthia Riggs
  • 2014 Recipients:
  • Renee Balter
  • Dorothy Bangs
  • Richard Paradise
  • 2013 Recipients:
  • Sheldon Hackney
  • Olga Hirshhorn
  • Murphy Family (Stan, Polly, Chris, and Barbara)
  • 2012 Recipients:
  • Athearn Family
  • Geraldine Brooks
  • Tony Horwitz
  • Hugh Knipmeyer
  • 2011 Recipients:
  • Marian Halperin
  • Francine Kelley
  • S. Bailey Norton, Jr.
  • 2010 Recipients:
  • David McCullough
  • Arthur R. Railton
  • Tobias Jonathan Vanderhoop
  • 2009 Recipients:
  • Ray Ellis
  • Tom Hale
  • Della Hardman
  • John Walter