2022 Annual Meeting and MV Medal

The 2022 Annual Meeting was held on July 25 at 5pm in Doherty Hall on the MV Museum campus.  The meeting reviewed the 2021 year. We recognized the work of outgoing board members, elected new directors, and awarded the 2022 Martha’s Vineyard Medal. The Martha’s Vineyard Medal is awarded annually to leaders in the community to recognize their outstanding commitment to preserving the history, arts, and culture of Martha’s Vineyard.


2022 Martha's Vineyard Medal Winners

Gus Ben David

Naturalist and teacher Gus Ben David was the Director of Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary for over 30 years, founded the Osprey Project, and created the World of Reptiles and Birds. He has been a remarkable leader of the successful effort to increase, protect, and monitor the endangered Osprey population on Island. In the early 1970’s Gus noticed that the Vineyard had only a couple pairs of nesting Osprey. As Director of Felix Neck, he quickly ascertained that the problem was with the availability of viable nesting sites—birds were nesting on telephone poles only to have their nests removed by utility staff. Gus began a program of installing nesting platforms at locations across the island. The first platform was erected at Mink Meadows, and over the years more than 160 nesting platforms have been erected. Today there are more than 100 pairs of nesting Osprey on the Vineyard and Gus continues to champion the wildlife on Island.

Kib and Tess Bramhall

Kib and Tess Bramhall have lived on the Vineyard for over 60 years, most of which have been as year-round residents. As a couple, they have been instrumental in advancing conservation efforts on the Vineyard. Kib is best known for his paintings of the Vineyard, many of which have preserved a record of what the Island looked like before the waves of development at the end of the 20th century. Additionally, he played a significant role in the Trustees of Reservations successful protection of Wasque and Cape Pogue. Tess’s love of the Vineyard’s natural beauty and her commitment to helping protect it was a key factor in her decisions to become a board member and then president of the Vineyard Conservation Society. Furthermore, she was a founding member of the MV Conservation Partnership and most recently she created the Land Fund, which has helped provide critical bridge funding for various conservation efforts.

Juli Vanderhoop

Julianne “Juli” Vanderhoop was born and raised in Aquinnah following generations of family to respect, live, and carry on leading in the footsteps of her ancestors the Wampanoag people. After leaving the Vineyard for college to study aeronautics, she became a commercial pilot only to later find a heart murmur that canceled out a passion for flying. She has raised a family while working as an island EMT, an early childhood educator, and most recently the owner/creator of the Orange Peel Bakery. A member of the Selectboard of Aquinnah and serving as a board member for many island non-profits, she is passionate about affordable housing (IGIU) and marine habitats.

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