2012 Annual Meeting and MV Medal

2012 MV Medal Winners (from left to right): Hugh Knipmeyer, Tony Horwitz, Geraldine Brooks, James and Deborah Athearn.

2012 Martha's Vineyard Medal Winners

The Athearn Family
Presented to James and Deborah Athearn, Introduced by Tom Dunlop and Alison Shaw

James and Deborah Athearn started Morning Glory Farm in 1975 on family land in Edgartown. The farm name grew from the vision of the sun rising over lush, green fields, and cows with udders full of milk ambling past bountiful gardens. Jim and Debbie raised three children, who have all been involved with the farm as they’ve grown. The farm family is a large one. Many extended Athearn relatives have been part of farm operations for years. With the younger generation involved, Morning Glory continues to provide quality fruits and vegetables, meaningful employment, and a memorable Island experience to the community.

Geraldine Brooks
Introduced by Sheldon Hackney

Australian-born Geraldine Brooks is an author and journalist who discovered the Island through a pen pal who summered in Menemsha. She moved here permanently with her family in 2006. That same year, Geraldine was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in fiction for her novel March. Her first novel, Year of Wonders, is an international bestseller, and People of the Book is a New York Times bestseller translated into twenty languages. The amount of research that Geraldine puts into all of her novels is astounding, and Caleb’s Crossing is no exception. Readers are educated about the daily life of the Puritan settlers of Martha’s Vineyard and the strained relationships between the Wampanoags and Puritans. At the same time, she calls to life the Island’s beautiful scenery that we all know and love uniting Island history with the present.

Tony Horwitz
Introduced by Sheldon Hackney

Tony Horwitz is a native of Washington, D.C., but vacationed on the Island throughout his childhood. He worked for many years as a reporter covering wars and conflicts as a foreign correspondent for The Wall Street Journal. He won the Pulitzer Prize for national reporting and worked as a staff writer for The New Yorker before becoming a full-time author and moving to the Island. Four of his books have been national and New York Times bestsellers: A Voyage Long and Strange, Blue Latitudes, Confederates in the Attic, and Baghdad Without A Map. Tony and Geraldine live on the Island year round with their two children and are actively involved in the community.

Hugh Knipmeyer
Introduced by Warren Hollinshead

Hugh Knipmeyer served on the Martha’s Vineyard Museum Board of Directors as President from 2001-2004, and Executive Vice President from 1995-2009. He has remained a dedicated volunteer to the Museum by welcoming visitors in the 18th Century Cooke House for many years. Knip worked for DuPont chemical company for over thirty-five years before retiring to the Island in 1992. In addition to his work at the Museum, he has served as President of the Mink Meadows Association, President of the West Chop Club, and was an active member in the Rotary Club of Martha’s Vineyard.

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