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Martha's Vineyard Museum MV Museum

The Museum gift shop offers a selection of items reflecting the history and culture of Martha's Vineyard, including historic games and crafts for people of all ages.

Basket Weaving
The Basket Weaving 101 kit allows first time weavers to make a simple and functional basket. It includes easy, photo illustrated instructions, and all the materials needed for a basket.
Laminated Folding Guides to New England Nature
These guides provide easy access to common species found on Martha's Vineyard. A must have for those bird watchers, fishermen, or nature enthusiasts in your life.
Guides Available
You Can Learn... Crafting Kits
These kits provide easy, photo illustrated instructions, and all the materials needed to create your own project. Perfect for kids and first-timers.
Kits Available- Mini and Small
Kits Available
Kits Available- Handiwork and Wool
Harmonica: The harmonica is a free-reed wind instrument that has multiple, variably tuned reeds. Originating in China, the harmonica was first brought to Europe in 1636 where its popularity spread quickly as an inexpensive instrument easy for all to learn.
Nautical Kits: From boats and bottles to stamps and stationery, these nautically-themed kits are bound to get the children in your life saying "Ahoy!" Each kit coems with a fun educational lesson. Perfect as stocking stuffersor as an everyday gift for your little sailor.
Kits Available