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January 2014

"Edgartown Takes Ownership of Its Lighthouse" 1/10/14 Vineyard Gazette

February 2014

"Museum with a view" 2/19/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

"How to Get Noticed? Museum Exhibit Highlight Island Efforts" 2/6/14 Vineyard Gazette

"True love always" 2/6/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Martha's Vineyard Museum exhibits Advertising" 2/5/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Black History Month - Then and Now" Winter 2014 CapeAir Bird's Eye View

March 2014

"Martha's Vineyard Museum seeks your photos from the 1960s" 3/27/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Historical Perspective: Enid Yandell and the Branstock School" 3/11/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

April 2014

"Art and Memory" 4/2/14 Vineyard Gazette

May 2014

"Amy Reece: Island Author" 5/27/14 Vineyard Stories

"Sea Change gives voice to 1960s Martha's Vineyard" 5/27/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

"1960s exhibit at Martha's Vineyard Museum" 5/21/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Student show at Martha's Vineyard Museum focuses on women and crime" 5/13/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

"A fresh look at Martha's Vineyard history in new museum book" 5/6/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Book Launch For Vineyard Life in Pictures" 5/6/14 Vineyard Gazette

June 2014

"At Museum's Big Night, Fundraising Milestone Announced" 6/30/14 Vineyard Gazette

"Making history happen: M.V. Museum celebrates with energy" 6/18/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

July 2014

"Iconic Harbor View Hotel Parallels History of Edgartown" 7/10/14 Vineyard Gazette

"Martha's Vineyard Museum's Evening of Discovery tops the charts" 7/2/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

August 2014

"Shifting Trends Seen in Charitable Giving on Vineyard" 8/28/14 Vineyard Gazette

"Three Generations of Moore Art on Display at MV Museum" 8/27/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Martha's Vineyard Museum Honors Island's Stewards" 8/13/14 Vineyard Gazette

"Balter, Bangs, and Paradise awarded MV Medal" 8/13/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

September 2014

"Edgartown Lighthouse guides those in grief" 9/23/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Keeping the Light On and Memories Alive at Ceremony of Remembrance" 9/20/14 Vineyard Gazette

"Celebrating Art as the Moore Family Business" 9/20/14 Vineyard Gazette

"Dig this: Archeology Day at Martha's Vineyard Museum" 9/4/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Megalodon Teeth to Arrowheads, the Story Behind the Treasure at Archaeology ID Day" 9/1/14 Vineyard Gazette

October 2014

"A bright and sunny Halloween at the M.V. Museum" 10/27/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

"A Spooky Birthday Party for Nancy Luce" 10/26/14 Vineyard Gazette

"Island Eccentric Clucked to her Own Beat" 10/23/14 Vineyard Gazette

"Fossil Day: History at Home in Oak Bluffs" 10/22/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

November 2014

"Poor Little Hearts: The life and works of Nancy Luce" 11/12/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Joe Stiles: Finding Racism During War and then Peace on Martha's Vineyard" 11/4/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

December 2014

"Against All Odds" Winter-Spring, 2014-2015 Martha's Vineyard Magazine

"Cats and Dogs reign at the Martha's Vineyard Museum" 12/22/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Martha's Vineyard Museum eceives $500,000 NEH challenge grant" 12/9/14 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Giving the Gift of Education; Museum Receives Large Grant to Expand Programs" 12/9/14 Vineyard Gazette