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January 2011

"Museum Bullish on Vineyard Haven Move" 2/04/11 Vineyard Gazette

"Vineyard Voices Guide Museum Exhibit" 2/04/11 Vineyard Gazette

"Museum Book Compiles Tales from World War II" 2/04/11 Vineyard Gazette

February 2011

"Museum Bullish on Vineyard Haven Move" 2/04/11 Vineyard Gazette

"Vineyard Voices Guide Museum Exhibit" 2/04/11 Vineyard Gazette

"Museum Book Compiles Tales from World War II" 2/04/11 Vineyard Gazette

April 2011

"Our War Stories: Seven Score, Ten Years Ago" 4/22/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"Martha's Vineyard Museum sees Civil War as Islanders did" 4/21/2011 MV Times

May 2011

"Arthur Railton, Editor of Intelligencer, Chronicler of Island History, Dies at 95"
   5/20/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"Services held for Arthur R. Railton" 5/19/2011 Martha's Vineyard Times

June 2011

"Summer Film Festivals Are Blockbusters of Talent, Never Mind the Bottom Line"
   6/24/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"Farmer, Teacher, Sanskrit-Speaker: Meet Jim Norton" 6/24/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"Museum Set to Buy Marine Hospital" 6/7/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"Civil War and the Vineyard, Museum Connects the Dots" 6/3/2011 Vineyard Gazette

July 2011

"MV Museum will sell West Tisbury land to Ag Society, Polly Hill"
   7/27/2011 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Agricultural Society, Polly Hill Join Forces to Buy Vineyard Museum Land"
   7/26/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"Arthur Railton, WWII veteran wrote history of Vineyard; at 95" 7/23/2011 Boston Globe

"Seeing a Light at the End of the Island" 7/22/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"An Evening of Discovery" 7/21/2011 Plum TV

"Eisenstaedt and Us at Martha's Vineyard Museum" 7/13/2011 Martha's Vineyard Times

"13th Annual Evening of Discovery: Your Town, Our Island" 7/12/2011 Martha's Vineyard Patch

"The Vineyard's First Light" 7/5/2011 Plum TV

"Battlefield Lines Are Gray and Blue" 7/1/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"Island Fourth of July Festivities Promise Double Scoop of All the Traditions"
   7/1/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"Edgartown Fire Museum Is Smoking Hot" 7/1/2011 Vineyard Gazette

August 2011

"The Agricultural Society Fair: Flying High at 150"   8/23/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"Museum Awards"   8/17/2011 Martha's Vineyard Times

"TownPool launches for Vineyard buyers"   8/16/2011 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Martha's Vineyard Museum Awards Annual MV Medals"   8/13/2011 Martha's Vineyard Patch

"Awarding Those Who Made Mark on Martha's Vineyard"   8/12/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"The Historical Perspective: Some Reason to be Proud"   8/10/2011 Martha's Vineyard Times
    Written by Summer 2011 MVM Curatorial Intern Olga Symeonoglou

"Glances"   8/10/2011 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Illuminating Lighthouses"   August 2011 Martha's Vineyard Magazine

September 2011

"Martha's Vineyard Museum Exhibits Shipwrecks"   9/27/2011 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Girl Online on a Whaleship Rides to Prestigious Awards"   9/23/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"The Unknown Vineyard Soldiers"   9/20/2011 Martha's Vineyard Patch

"Martha's Vineyard Museum holds its Art Party"   9/20/2011 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Tales of Confederate Raiders Tied to Island"   9/16/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"10th Anniversary for Edgartown Lighthouse Children's Memorial"   9/7/2011
   Martha's Vineyard Times

October 2011

"Shipwrecks Below Island Waters Are Museums Unto Themselves"   10/28/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"Tour the Tales the Gravestones Tell"   10/19/2011 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Soup on the Stove, and All is Well"   10/18/2011 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Upholding the Law on Land and Sea"   10/14/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"Chamber of Commerce Picks Winning Bunch of Marthas"   10/7/2011 Vineyard Gazette

November 2011

"Martha's Vineyard Museum Launches Island Faces Portrait Contest"
   11/30/2011 Martha's Vineyard Times

"World War II Veterans Exhibit Breaks Free to the Internet"   11/10/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"In Print : Large and In Charge: A Look at Teddy Roosevelt"   11/8/2011 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Free-for-All at Museum"   11/4/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"Permanent Endowment Announces 12 Grants"   11/4/2011 Vineyard Gazette

December 2011

"In Print: Literary Roots & Shoots: New Island Publishing Ideas in 2011"   12/28/2011
   Martha's Vineyard Times

"From the Front, Christmas Day, 1863"   12/21/2011 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Letter to the Editor: To Old and New Friends"   12/21/2011 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Museum Open House Unveils New Location's Ample Charms"   12/16/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"Vineyard Museum Will Move to the Old Marine Hospital in Tisbury"   12/14/2011
   Martha's Vineyard Times

"Country's First Yachting Book Floats Again With New Sales"   12/9/2011 Vineyard Gazette

"Appraisal Day At Museum Offers Golden Opportunity"   12/2/2011 Vineyard Gazette