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Discovery Days is a museum camp that explores history and culture through art. Children start every program examining historical artifacts and photos from the Museum. Then they create using a wide range of media. Sessions are appropriate for kids ages 5-12.

Questions about the programs? Call Education Director Ann DuCharme, 508-627-4441 x118.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 10am-12pm at the Museum: 59 School Street, Edgartown

July classes repeat in August.
$15 for members, $20 for non-members.
Reserve 3 classes, get a 4th free.
Reservations required for all sessions. Space is limited. Call 508-627-4441 x119 or e-mail events@mvmuseum.org to reserve.

2016 Discovery Days

July 5/August 2 - Monsters in the Museum
Curate an exhibit in a mini museum. Then, create badly behaved (paper) monsters to trash it!

July 6/August 3 - Forgery! Maps

Really old maps at the Museum have crumbly corners, misspelled words, globby ink, and a weirdly shaped Island. Let’s fake an old map.

July 7/August 4 - Make A Lighthouse

Hear oral histories from lighthouse keepers long ago, and build a tabletop lighthouse that really lights up.

July 12/August 9 - Heath Hen Habitat

Re-write history. Make a sustainable home for heath hens with a habitat-in-a-box.

July 13/August 10 - Gingerbread Cottageskids2

Make a gingerbread cottage from the Campgrounds in Oak Bluffs, using a milk carton and many architectural embellishments.

July 14/August 11 - Weaving a Wall Hanging

Over under, over under, with yarn, twine, and mystery ingredients.

July 19/August 16 - Watercolor Whales

Whales have bumps and barnacles, spots and scrapes. Let’s explore different techniques to capture these amazing giants in watercolor paintings.

July 20/August 17 - Grand Illumination Lanterns

Since 1869, beautiful hand painted Japanese lanterns have sparkled the Grand Illumination celebration. Make your own to light up the night.

July 21/August 18 - Nature PrintsFamilies at MVM

Using herbs from our colonial garden, we’ll explore a variety of print techniques including smashing, stamping, and solar grams, and we’ll sample fresh mint iced tea.

July 26/August 23 - Make A Hopper

Famous American realist painter Edward Hopper (1882-1967) didn’t paint our Island lighthouses but what if he did?

July 27/August 24 - Thunderbird!

Years ago, the legendary Thunderbird explained how thunder and lightning came to exist. Study the Museum’s leather bound Thunderbird journal, then create your own winged creature.

July 28/August 25 - Nature Weaving

With sticks and twigs, grass and herbs, we’ll weave an amazing wall hanging that will smell good too!