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Heather Neill

Manchester, Pennsylvania

Oil on canvas

Purchase, anonymous gift

Artist Heather Neill was moved to paint Strider's Surrender when she read that Jonathan Mayhew had sold his northeast federal fishery permit and would no longer be taking his trawler, the Quitsa Strider II, out from Menemsha to Georges Bank to fish because increasingly strict government regulations and high fuel prices no longer made his business viable. The white canvas rag, really a flag of surrender, symbolizes the loss of one family's living, the decline of the fishing business in a village that was once home to a fleet of profitable fishing vessels, and the overall decline of the North Atlantic fishery.

The artist, who had been studying, sketching, photographing, and painting the vessel for many years before she made Strider's Surrender, chose to render her subject in monumental dignity. At seven and a half by four feet, it is the largest work of art in the Museum's collection.

With thanks to the following individuals who have adopted this object for one year: Pamela Frederick